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Season 2: Episode 7 - Seeds of Truth

PostWed 03 Dec, 2014 14:39


Beginning December 2, 2014
To catch a thief, you must become a thief, but be wary—following Caithe’s trail will take you down a strange, dark path.

Living Memories
Figuring out where Caithe may be now requires an understanding of where she has been. With the aid of the Pale Tree, retrace Caithe’s footsteps: as you learn more about the sylvari’s early memories, you may uncover crucial information.

The Silverwastes
The secrets of the Silverwastes continue to be uncovered! Help out the local skritt population and gain access to their tunnels, which will allow you to travel quickly to different areas of the map. Test yourself against the new Drydock Scratch jumping puzzle, where skritt pirates are assembling a ship deep beneath the Silverwastes. As you travel and explore, save up resources [...]

Season 2 Returns on January 13

PostTue 09 Dec, 2014 18:34


A few months ago, we announced that Guild Wars 2‘s Living World experience was launching on a path that would result in our story-and the whole world of Tyria-reaching a point of no return. We’ve since ventured into the heart of Glint’s lair, discovered secrets in the depths of the Durmand Priory, witnessed the fall of the leader of the Zephyrites, recovered the last known dragon egg only to have it stolen out from under us by a longtime friend, and searched through the first memories of the sylvari race in our hunt to find her.

Our story now finds the Pact’s fleet of airships poised to launch their assault into the jungle, and our band of heroes standing before a sealed cave marked with ancient runes. On January 13, Living World Season 2 will return to take you beyond that seal, and y [...]

A Very Merry Wintersday

PostTue 16 Dec, 2014 18:44


The nights may be growing longer and colder, but Divinity’s Reach is merry with the warmth of the Wintersday spirit.

Starting December 16, 2014
The nights may be growing longer and colder, but Divinity’s Reach is merry with the warmth of the Wintersday spirit. Celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next in this traditional winter festival!

The Wondrous Workshop
Enter Toymaker Tixx’s workshop inside his golem-shaped airship, the Infinirarium, to corral mischievous toys and set things to rights!

Warming Grawnk’s Heart
It’s your chance to save Wintersday! The Grawnk has stolen ornaments from the children’s orphanage in Divinity’s Reach, and it’s up to you to track down all of the missing ornaments. If you succeed in your mission, you’ll be able to plant the beautiful Wint [...]

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