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GW2 Oktober Update 2: Blood and Madness

PostTue 08 Oct, 2013 16:50


October 15, 2013
A grim specter lurks in the shadows of the Mad King’s past.
The Bloody Prince is coming to Tyria!

The Bloody Prince Emerges
Halloween is drawing near, and Magister Tassi’s instruments are picking up some unusual energy readings. The Mad King isn’t the only one breaking through the barrier between realms—prepare to face the son of Oswald Thorn, Bloody Prince Edrick!

Mad Realm Doors
Haunted doors are appearing all over Kryta, where brave travelers can dare to

Mad King’s Labyrinth
The Bloody Prince has taken over part of the Mad King’s Labyrinth! He’s controlling the undead armies in the Mad King’s Realm, while his father retains command of the plastic spiders, candy corn elementals, and other festive frights. The Skeletal Lich, Grand High Viscoun [...]

GW2 November Update: Tower of Nightmares

PostTue 22 Oct, 2013 16:20

October 29, 2013
A toxic seed has been sown.
Guarded by magic, fed with evil, it grows.

Behind the Veil
Some new trouble is growing in Kessex Hills. Carefully hidden by magic, the krait have been working tirelessly on a terror unlike anything seen before in Tyria. Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade are investigating the illusory curtain that’s cloaking part of Viathan Lake, and they need your help! What secret lies behind the veil?

Developer Livestream – October 28
Take a sneak peak at the Tower of Nightmares release with ArenaNet devs during the preview livestream on our Twitch channel on Monday, October 28 at 12PM PDT.

Antitoxin Spray
Prepare for battle with a new universal healing skill! A dose of this cutting-edge Antitoxin [...]

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