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Traits in Guild Wars 2

PostTue 01 May, 2012 11:50

Dit artikeltje gaat over Traits. Leek me handig om dat even aan te halen nadat we daar even van hebben kunnen proeven tijdens de Beta.
Een goed punt wat ik even quote:

Each profession has its own set of trait lines. These are similar in theme to the profession specific attribute lines in the original Guild Wars. Each trait line has a number of major and minor slots. Warriors, right now, have two general lines called Power and Tactics as well as lines for each of the weapons they can wield. As you master traits, you slot them into these lines, affecting your character.

We want experimentation with traits to be fun and engaging, so we've made the rules for changing traits extremely flexible. With no in-game cost, you can respec at will, outside of combat. This means you are open to experim [...]

De Trading Post en Bank

PostThu 03 May, 2012 17:35 ... r-markets/

een interessant artikeltje over traden en je bank account in GW2. 8)

Link Roundup – Beta Weekend Event

PostWed 09 May, 2012 05:59


Nieuw blog, vol met allemaal leuke linkjes over de Beta ;)

Last week we held our first-ever Beta Weekend Event, a humble in-game get together attended by hundreds of thousands of our closest friends. This was an old-school beta; a lot of the lessons learned and data collected from the event are being applied toward improving the game as I write this. We want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who played. Your feedback, bugs, and participation are absolutely crucial to our goal of making Guild Wars 2 the best game possible at launch.

Let’s take a look at what they’re saying out in Internet land about the Guild Wars 2 Beta, shall we? ... kend-event

Maandag 14 mei: GW2 stress test (toegang met pre-purchase)

PostThu 10 May, 2012 18:34

Zoals aangegeven door Andrew, komende maandag stress test van GW2.

Toegang tot de stress test krijg je als je GW2 hebt ge-pre-purchased!

Test loopt van maandagavond 20:00u tot 3:00u s'nachts "onze" tijd (11.00am tot 6:00pm PDT)

"officiële" aankondiging: ... 8164094209

Mike O’Brien on the Guild Wars 2 Beta

PostSun 13 May, 2012 07:34


Nieuw Blog:

I think it’s safe to say that the response was overwhelming in more ways than one. Firstly, the number of people who pre-purchased the game far exceeded our expectations, and we had to temporarily disable pre-purchases. In the end that wasn’t enough, and even with 48 worlds we didn’t have enough server capacity to meet the huge demand.

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