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GW2 - 4 Februari Update: The Edge of the Mists

PostTue 04 Feb, 2014 18:45


Beginning February 4, 2014
Scarlet has ordered a squad of Aetherblade pirates into the Edge of the Mists to marshal their forces. Taimi, who has been following Scarlet’s trail for some time, followed the Aetherblades into the Mists – and dragged the bewildered Braham along!

The Edge of the Mists
The World vs. World battle in the Mists has spilled over into a brand-new map: the Edge of the Mists! Never wait to participate in the action of WvW – unlike existing WvW maps, if one instance of the Edge of the Mists is filled up with players, a new one is created so anyone who wishes to fight in the Mists and work on WvW abilities and achievements can do so.

New and Improved WvW queue!
WvW has received a major update to the queue system! If there’s a queue to join a WvW map, approximate numbe [...]

GW2 - 18 Februari Update: Escape from Lion's Arch

PostWed 19 Feb, 2014 11:04


February 18, 2014
Scarlet is on the attack! After months of preparation, the arch-villain descends on Lion’s Arch with all of her deadly forces. Now is the time to rally together and defend the besieged city.

Save the Citizens
As Scarlet fills the port city with lethal miasma, your priority is clear: you must join forces with the Lionguard to evacuate as many of the citizens and merchants of Lion’s Arch as possible. From the great Commodore Lawson Marriner down to the smallest child, people are the most precious resources of Lion’s Arch.

Relocate Refugees
Tyria’s three orders, the Durmand Priory, the Vigil, and the Order of Whispers, have joined with the Lionguard to set up temporary shelters to house the city’s refugees. Visit these camps to talk with refugees and ensure the safety of [...]

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